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Chinese company to build modern agricultural industrial park in Laos

Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China's Xuanye Co., Ltd/AVIC International Beijing Co., Ltd on a modern agricultural industrial park project in Laos. The agricultural industrial park will serve as a supporting project to the under-construction China-Laos railway, building a regional center of agricultural products trading, warehousing and logistics hub platform.

Inspection underway on reported import of human sperm

Lao law prohibits the trade of human organs including blood and sperm, Director General of Health Care Department under the Ministry of Health Associated Professor Dr Chanphomma Vongsamphan told Vientiane Times Monday. Thai media reported on Saturday that a man attempting to smuggle what is believed to be human sperm out of Thailand to another fertility clinic in neighbouring Laos was arrested recently.

Laos may fail to eradicate malaria by 2030 without adequate prevention: local media

Laos aims to eradicate malaria by 2030 but it may not achieve the target if people do not follow preventive measures like sleeping under insecticide-treated nets, local daily Vientiane Times reported Tuesday. "The best way to prevent malaria infection is to avoid mosquito bites, sleeping under insecticide-treated nets and taking medicine for malaria, under a physician's advice, by tourists and those who find it necessary to visit malaria risk zones," Lao Health Minister Bounkong Syhavong said on Monday in a press conference to mark World Malaria Day, annually observed on April 25. These examples have enabled the incidences of malaria to be reduced in Laos year-on-year while keeping the malaria incidences in the country under control.

Surrogacy problem sneaks across the border

The arrest of Nithinon Srithaniyanan last week for attempting to smuggle human semen into Laos should serve as a warning for all countries in the region to be on guard against the rise of commercial surrogacy. The 25-year-old Thai was fined Bt200,000 for attempting to carry a prohibited substance out of the country.

AEC Feed

The visit to Cambodia of Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc this week comes as a key point in the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Year. The visit, today and tomorrow, visit by Nguyen's will be his first to that country as the government leader of Vietnam.

Lao cabinet approves seaport project in Vietnam

The Lao cabinet has agreed to establish a private-state joint company to develop the Vung Ang project after Vietnam gave a green light to utilize the seaport in its central Ha Tinh province, local daily Vientiane Times reported Monday. The agreement was made at the cabinet's monthly meeting for April, chaired by Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith.

Rethink due on laws of surrogacy

Surrogacy was banned in 2015 after revelations of abuses such as a Japanese man who had fathered at least 13 children. The recent arrest of a 25-year-old man trying to smuggle a yet to be determined substance into Vientiane, Laos, is a case that highlights the need for laws to be more comprehensive when they are passed.

Thai police arrest man suspected of smuggling semen for surrogacy across Laos border

Bangkok: Several times customs officials noticed a man carrying a strange-looking case across the border from north-eastern Thailand to Laos, a known smuggling route.When they confronted 25-year-old Nithinon Srithaniyanan and asked him to open the case they found six tubes of human semen in a nitrogen tank. Cambodia's surrogacy scandal Inside this poor village in Cambodia, Melbourne nurse Tammy Davis-Charles illegally recruited commercial surrogates before she was jailed.

Fertility clinic denies role in sperm racket

AN ASSISTED Reproductive Technology clinic in Bangkok has denied any connection with the man who attempted to smuggle what is believed to be human sperm out of the country to another fertility clinic in Laos where surrogate pregnancies are not as strictly regulated as in Thailand. Officials from the Health Service Support Department of the Thai Public Health Ministry yesterday inspected the premises of the unnamed ART clinic on Bangkok's Phloenchit Road after it was cited by Nithinon Srithaniyanun, the courier, as one of the four clinics in Bangkok where he had picked up the sperm for delivery to another fertility clinic in the Laotian capital of Vientiane.

Underground works underway on landmark Laos-China railway project

EFFORTS to bore tunnels for the Laos-China railway project have begun, marking a new and intensive stage to construction work underground for the landmark multi billion-dollar project. He said boring machines are being installed and prepared to commence on the Laos-China Friendship Tunnel, which traverses the border underneath Lao and Chinese soil.

Lao businesses face 'high logistics costs'

HIGH LOGISTICS costs in Laos are still a major obstruction for business operations throughout the domestic private sector and can also deter investors, a recent study suggests. Logistics costs in Laos are as high as double those of other Asean countries, according to the Japan External Trade Organisation.

Laos warns public of possible dengue fever outbreaks

The health authority of Laos has warned the public of possible outbreaks of dengue fever this year with the aim to prevent and control the disease. From January to April this year, 558 dengue fever infections have been recorded in the country while during the same period last year there were 249 dengue fever cases across the country, Director of the National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology Dr. Phengta Vongphachanh said on Thursday.

Man arrested in Nong Khai for semen trafficking

A man was arrested at the customs checkpoint of the Thai-Lao Friendship bridge while attempting to smuggle a small tank of nitrogen containing frozen human semen into Laos on Thursday. Nimit Saeng-ampai, chief of the Nong Khai customs, said Mr Nithinon had been under watch because he travelled frequently to and from Laos through the Nong Khai immigration checkpoint in Muang district.

Chinese-created drama premiered in Laos

The first stage of the song and dance drama "Kampha and Ivory Princess", created by a Chinese company Mekong International Co., Ltd, was premiered in Lao capital Vientiane on Wednesday night. The play reflects the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature and animals, praises the good characteristics of Lao people in pursuit of justice and indomitable national spirit.

UXO clearance of China-Laos railway's 1st phase almost completed

The clearance of unexploded ordnances from land allocated along the China-Laos railway and its two small stations, Boten immigration checkpoint and Natuay, a loading station in Lao northern Luang Namtha province, has been almost completed, reported Lao state-run news agency KPL on Thursday. This was part of the construction of the first phase of China-Laos railway project, running 52.9 km from Boten, the China-Laos border checkpoint to Namor district in Luang Namtha Province that will then run another 16.9 km through Luang Namtha Province where two small stations will be built, namely the Boten immigration checkpoint and the Natuay cargo loading station.

Mekong River survey begins despite opposition

SURVEY WORK on the Mekong River channel project officially started yesterday in Chiang Rai, and field survey by a Chinese company is expected to begin tomorrow amid strong opposition by environmentalists. The Marine Department revealed yesterday that China's CCCC Second Habor Consultant Co Ltd had informed the department that they would begin the survey on the Mekong River project yesterday and the work would conclude within two months.

Laos retrieves 6.1 mln USD from corrupt officials

The State Inspection Authority of Laos has retrieved more than 50 billion Lao kip over the past two years from corrupt officials who had embezzled state properties. "We acknowledge that there are enormous challenges and difficulties to get money back as corrupt officials have already spent or hidden some of it, but we will try our best to retrieve the lost money for the state," Lao state-run daily Vientiane Times quoted a senior SIA official as saying on Wednesday.