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Why we must filter out the preachers of hate

Indonesian citizens must now seize the responsibility that has always been theirs – to filter the messengers of faith. The recently released list of 200 moderate preachers recommended by the Religious Affairs Ministry has sparked debate.

Merkel faces a delicate task on trip to China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s vist to Beijing yesterday and today is an attempt to boost relations between Germany and China and China-EU ties amid a highly volatile and uncertain international climate.

Secure personal data is the right of all citizens

With more and more businesses storing OUR information, it’s crucial to stay safe and informed

Manipulation and resistance

A red-shirt leader’s proposal to found a party just for red shirts is risky, but he’s probably right about why it’s needed

Battle against pollution has pride of place among China’s policies

The latest crackdown on waste shipments from overseas, launched by China’s General Administration of Customs on Tuesday, reflects the government’s firm determination to prevent the continuous inflow of foreign waste in efforts to combat pollution.

Anyone can wear trousers at Japanese schools

Things are changing in the world of school uniforms, with students allowed to choose skirts or trousers regardless of their gender. Schools are welcoming these moves, which are made out of consideration for transgender students, as well as overall needs for comfort and functionality.

China-US energy deal is a win-win that avoids a war

China and the United States have reached a consensus that there will be no trade war and agreed to take measures to decrease the US trade deficit by, for example, China significantly increasing purchases of US goods and services.

Why do we trust ‘beauty influencers’?

How do you know whether a beauty product works? Ask a friend? Can you trust the salesperson in the department store? How about reading the description on the product box?

High time to ease up on marijuana 

Thailand lags well behind the developed world in decriminalising a minor narcotic, but at least its medical use is to be explored

How you can avoid being replaced by a robot

The younger generation seems to enjoy and embrace the development of new technology. However, only few are aware of the impacts technology will have on our lives. Industry 4.0 is often mentioned, but do we actually understand what it means?

Chinese museums offer up the unexpected


Thai politics and green tea business warfare

Politicians and makers of green tea have many things in common: They and their rivals are a lot more similar than they make the public believe; they resort to heavy advertising (or propaganda if you will) and populism to differentiate and promote sales; and their fierce competition is detrimental to both themselves and their enemies.

This junta was no good for anyone

After four years of military rule, we are back where we were, and our neighbours have moved on

Asian Games organisers need to be fully prepared

Security concerns have given a new headache to organisers of the upcoming Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang following a spate of terror attacks in a number of cities across Indonesia. The organisers plan to implement stringent security measures to ensure the safety of thousands of athletes turning up for the sporting event and those attending the Games.

Student hones her job-hunting skills on comedy stage

Keio University senior Rina Watanabe has teamed up with another student for more than 100 manzai performances at live shows, contests and other public events.

WHO is the latest victim in Beijing’s war on Taiwan


Moon and Trump must stand firm on North Korea denuclearisation

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has left for Washington to meet US President Donald Trump today for talks on North Korea. The meeting, which had been expected to set the tone for a historic meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, carries greater significance due to the Pyongyang government’s abrupt shift to a hard-line stance. 

Wearing a ‘qipao’ is not cultural appropriation

Several social media sites I visited recently carried stories about the controversy over an American student wearing a Chinese qipao to the prom.

Voters’ snub must be aided by rest of system

Malaysia’s war on corruption is only halfway through

China sure to benefit from Iran sanctions

As ever, crisis equals opportunity for China with the US pullout from the Iran nuclear deal at the beginning of this month. Donald Trump’s decision has created a crisis in the relationship between the United States and its European allies as the US prepares to reimpose sanctions on Iran and put pressure on European companies to do the same.