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One year on, far right has transformed German politics

A year after surging into parliament, lawmakers from the far-right AfD party have upended the normally staid world of German politics, with provocations and insults now the order of the day in the venerable Bundestag.

The dilemma in the rise of e-sports

Bangkok, Thailand (The Nation/ANN) - Computer gamers are likely headed for the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean we can shed all care.

New risks that confront the post-Lehman world

When investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15, 2008, Axel Weber – then the president of Germany’s central bank and a top official at the European Central Bank – had a helicopter-view of the mayhem that followed, in the form of the worst global recession since the 1930s.

New day dawns for sun-powered tuk-tuks

Hi-tech, cheap – and quiet. Thailand may have blazed the trail with its fleet of solar-powered tuk-tuks, but West Africa is catching up. The Ivorian resort of Jacqueville is betting on sun-powered three-wheelers as it looks to replace traditional but noisy and dirty bush taxis.

Childcare offer attracts workers in China’s tight labour market

After years of rampant growth in the manufacturing sector – which helped drive up wages and the standard of living across the country – demand for workers has been outstripping supply. Given the increasingly competitive and tight labour market, childcare is helping to give some Chinese manufacturers an edge when it comes to attracting emplo

Life in limbo for Thailand’s urban refugees

Although Thailand has hosted tens of thousands of Myanmar refugees in “temporary shelters” along the Myanmar border for more than three decades now, Thai authorities are often surprised to learn that there are other refugees in need of protection in Thailand.

Global justice is in no hurry

A US official’s attack underscores how regressive politics burdens the already sluggish International Criminal Court

What the interest rate hike will mean

Given economic advances and global uncertainty, the Bank of Thailand is poised to nudge the figure up

America should step aside and let the Koreas talk

 Latest summit between Kim and Moon edges peninsula away from abyss  

Solo Aussie outback cop treks beat the size of Britain 

Being the only policeman in an area the size of Britain might be daunting for some, but not for Stephan Pursell.

The existential threat to Thai universities

Higher education in Thailand has entered a new, perilous era. Before 2007, the demand for college education was much greater than the available places.

China’s experiment to ‘cure’ Muslims of their religion won’t end well   

Nowhere in China has the extraordinary wave of authoritarianism that has accompanied the rise of Xi

Suu Kyi, President Trump and confusing democracy

It was a lot easier to defend the “Iron Lady” when she was under house arrest, but let me try now. We can start by considering the jailing of the Reuters reporters in Myanmar and Donald Trump’s regular and vicious attacks on the media altogether. In other words, we must bring the US president into the equation in defence of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Genocide and the moral crisis gripping Asean 

Just 20 days after Asean celebrated its 51st anniversary, the United Nations Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar reported on August 28 that genocide and other atrocities had been committed by the military in Kachin, Rakhine and Shan states.

Who will vote for hypocrisy?

Prayut Chan-o-cha says he is building democracy, but what a frightening ‘democracy’ that must be

Shamed by the UN for rights suppression

The junta prefers to remain in denial about the mounting testimony regarding its abuses

Did a robot write this column?

Ever since I began writing on the robotics industry three years ago, a question has been unsettling my mental circuits: Will robots take away my job?

In a fury, Serena injures only tennis

The combative champion played all the cards wrong, spoiling a match and blighting the winner’s triumph

Powering China’s electric vehicles

China is well on the way to becoming the electric vehicle (EV) leader in a hyper-competitive market, after it announced plans last year to phase out production and sales of fossil fuel cars.

Moon visits Kim, seeking to break nuclear deadlock amid Trumpian chaos    

In 24 hours’ time South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in will land in Pyongyang to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Meanwhile the United States and North Korea are working to set up a second meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim.