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A refugee still finding his feet 

Syrian father tripped by journalist while fleeing war is ‘sad but hopeful’

Trump lays out his agenda for action

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address ranked highly on consistency. It bore the uncompromising mark of the insurgent sentiments that had pushed Trump from the ideological periphery of the Republican Party – to say nothing of the left-liberal consensus represented by the Democratic Party – to the centre of political power.

High hopes stay grounded in Rolls Royce affair

Given our governments’ track record, both civilian and military, the bribery probe is unlikely to clip any wings

Trump must heed China’s call on nuclear weapons

As an American living abroad much of the year I have real concerns, like many other millions, about the future direction of the United States and its place in the world as an example of democracy and the fair treatment of all.

Scrapping new coal plants in Asia would save 50,000 lives

Approximately 50,000 lives a year could be saved by 2030 if no new coal-fired power plants are built in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, according to a groundbreaking peer-reviewed study by researchers at Harvard University and Greenpeace International.

Time to let the private sector lead Asean

Nine days’ ago the Philippines launched its chairmanship of the Association of South East Asian Nations for 2017, a milestone year as it marks the 50th year of the regional bloc.

Thailand: the world’s  brothel or its kitchen?

A 50-year-old Czech man was arrested for overstaying his visa (for 504 days) and allegedly spreading HIV to his sexual partners. Dozens of condoms were found in his apartment.

Canada must look good to a lot of Americans

Vint Chavala (letters, 21 Jan) rightly identifies several countries that harbour varying degrees of trepidation in the wake of Trump becoming the so-called president.

Nothing wrong with no longer loving the circus

Somsak Pola (Letters, Jan 22) asks me if as a kid did I enjoy going to the circus. Yes I did. I also enjoyed going to the rodeo, fishing and eating meat.

What did we do to deserve this?

Every day brings fresh news of a new depth of depravity plumbed in the case of the South Korean businessman kidnapped, and then killed, by policemen under the aegis of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs and crime.

When school grades are degraded in Singapore 

Island nation tries to revolutionise its education 

Reinvented in China: new hope for old brands

Many companies and industries have talked about having their “Nokia moment” – referring to the rapid decline of the once market-leading Finnish mobile phone manufacturer as it lost out to a new generation of smartphones and more innovative brands.

A primer on Asean for Trump

Six things the new US president should know about this 50-year-old group

Philippine president versus the Supreme Court

Once again, unprompted and unprovoked, President Duterte has raised the spectre of martial law. “ [If I want], and if it [the illegal drugs problem] will deteriorate into something really very virulent, I will declare martial law if I want to. No one can stop me,” he told Davao City Chamber of Commerce.

Why Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ

I’m writing to rebut the recent vicious, outrageous, and totally fallacious rumours that Donald Trump may be the anti-Christ.  For proof I refer readers to the Wikipedia article “Anti-Christ”.  

Kids deserve a good time in this circus called life

Re: “Thirty-year battle for elephants ends in success”, Letters, January 18.

Isolationist policies not in US interest 

Should Trump follow such a path, he will pave the way for greater Chinese influence over Asean 

President Donald Trump's 16-minute inaugural speech as US President

Here is the transcript of Donald Trump's inaugural speech:

US stands alone in South China Sea

Rex Tillerson, picked by President Donald Trump to be secretary of state, stirred up a hornet’s nest when he condemned Chinese actions in the South China Sea, comparing the construction of artificial islands in disputed waters with Russia’s seizure of Crimea and saying that China’s access to the islands “is not going to be allowed”.

Yes, we did? – Obama’s complex presidential legacy

Despite some successes on different fronts, he failed to achieve national reconciliation