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Local officials’ chokehold must end for cleaner air across China 

Despite the Chinese central government’s stringent rules on pollution control and emissions, improvement in air quality nationwide continues to fall short of public expectations, especially in the north of the country which is often smothered by heavy smog.

Admiration for Princess, and kudos to govt for Krabi rethink

One should give the governments its due: the re-evaluation of the building of a coal plant is good news. The protests of the people were not in vain. Kudos! 

How about some mature diplomacy by the new US president?

The Trump administration is sending mixed signals to the world – by way of President Trump saying one thing and his people saying another.

Bangkok rapid transit service on way out

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system of Bangkok will be terminated this coming April, seven years after it was launched. City Hall of Bangkok had a close look at the service and decided to wind it up.

Other factors in Drummond’s decision to leave Thailand

The front-page story on February 24 saying that Andrew Drummond left Thailand because of legal cases against him is untrue.

An exercise in futility?

Without involving the BRN in peace talks on the South, the government might be wasting its time

Duterte v De Lima: a Philippine battle over death

Philippine Senator Leila de Lima, arrested yesterday on drug trafficking charges, has waged a decade-long crusade to expose President Rodrigo Duterte as the leader of death squads that have killed thousands of people.

Japan clocks off early for ‘Premium Friday’

Japan’s prime minister spent yesterday afternoon meditating while staff at some of the country’s biggest firms quit work early – in time for a bit of shopping or maybe a boozy train ride.

The real issue in Krabi comes down to cash

The issue surrounding the proposed Krabi coal-fired power plant is indeed one of economics – though not in the way it is being framed for public consumption.

World finally recognises amazing Isaan

Re: “CNN names Isaan as one of best places worldwide to visit this year”, National, February 23

Should Thailand start deporting, too?

Re: “United States should deport 100,000 Thais”, Letters, February 24.

Drummond was under physical threat

Re: “Rights groups worried as BBC’s Head sued for libel over Phuket land scam report”, Front page, yesterday.

Let’s tap the Web to teach children English

Chiang Rai students show a marked improvement in language skills after a smartphone-based course 

Japan’s ‘Battleship island’ haunted by ghosts of its past

The haunting silhouette of “Battleship Island” rises up from the sea, an abandoned testament to what was once the most densely populated city on earth.

Can political Islam support democratisation?

The question of whether Islam is compatible with democracy has been discussed for decades.

United States should deport 100,000 Thais

Re: “Undocumented Thais in US fear new crackdown”, National, yesterday. 

Dhammakaya and the middle path

Past governments made a grave mistake in allowing the Dhammakaya sect to build a temple on a site that covers the equivalent of 900 football pitches when a typical Buddhist temple would fit on two to four. 

The question about Trump toilets

Re: “What’s Trump getting from China?” Opinion & Analysis, yesterday.

Mickey Mouse electricity by snowflake dreamers

Re: “Krabi coal plant is the wrong energy solution”, Letters, yesterday.

Taiwan now a pawn in US game

Stephen Young, former director of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), announced last week the United States would station a Marine Guard at the new AIT office compound in Taipei scheduled to open later this year.