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Rabies: Genuine outbreak or misinformed panic?

Over the past few weeks, rabies has dominated social media in Thailand. The debate has been covered – and in some cases inflamed – by the traditional print and broadcast media across the country.

Once bitten, twice shy

Widespread ignorance about rabies is helping spread the disease, abetted by a flawed and restrictive law

Beijing and Moscow concocting antidote to poison of US paranoia

On Saturday, Xi Jinping was re-elected president of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission. Barely two days later, Vladimir Putin secured a fourth term as president of Russia.

Piyawat not helping matters in the South

It appears there’s a rivalry in the brass that could scuttle an already tenuous scheme for bringing peace to the region

Maybe Hawking’s quest isn’t over yet

If God does indeed exist, Stephen Hawking was one of His most baffling and controversial products. How come this “creation” dedicated a lifetime trying to disprove the existence of his Creator, aided by one miracle after another?

The art of the deal: Trump vs Kim

South Koreans are full of expectations for the upcoming summit between the United States and North Korea. However, experts point to a number of challenges that need to be dealt with to make the event successful.

Duterte tells world court: I’m beyond accountability

President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to withdraw the Philippines from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court will not protect him; rather, it has only made him even more vulnerable to a potential criminal case. No amount of hiding behind the flag, or the ostentatious kissing of it, can mask the message his decision sends. He is saying: I do not consider myself accountable.

Here in the land of the stupid

Thailand has a Marie Antoinette moment, though, crucially, she never got the chance to apologise

US witch hunt against China recalls dark era of McCarthyism

With a number of US politicians and news outlets trying to denigrate normal US-China cultural and academic exchanges, a China specialist has warned about a return to the era of McCarthyism in America.

Messianic moron Trump funnier than Monty Python: Gilliam

Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam could be forgiven for thinking the whole Donald Trump presidency is a joke on him.

Oldest Holocaust survivor recalls life in Nazi Austria

Even before the Anschluss, Austrians had the Nazi symbol hidden under their lapels,” says Marko Feingold, the oldest living Austrian survivor of the Holocaust. 

Traditional Thai clothing that isn’t

Re: “PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings”, The Nation, March 17.

Let’s fight corruption through ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’

‘Lenient’ justice system stems from a ‘forgiving’ society

From car phone to phone car

Every now and again something comes along to show us how far our technology has advanced. For me, it was watching Huawei’s recent demonstration of its Mate 10 Pro phone driving a Porsche Panamera.

Asean-Australia Special Summit matters to us all

The arrival of leaders of Southeast Asia in Australia this weekend, marks a new era in one of the region’s most long-standing relationships.

China’s low birthrate worrying, needs policy support 

There have been heated discussions on the far-reaching impact of transforming China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission into the National Health Commission, by also incorporating the elderly care organisations and some health agencies under other ministries.

Country’s not a soap opera

If PM really wants to promote Thainess, he must listen to the voices of the people 

Looks outweigh health in Korea’s obesity problem

South Koreans have a reputation for being slim. But in recent years, obesity has been on the rise here, as people increasingly turn to instant and fast food and lead more sedentary lives. However, social perceptions on obesity remain focused more on physical appearances than on health, leading to slow change.

TV industry has to get out of the box

‘Love Destiny’ hints at the true destiny of Thai show business, but sponsors and the government should be ready to innovate

Elephants beaten just for a game: is this entertaining? 

The annual King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament put on by the Anantara Hotel in Bangkok garners little international attention and very little interest from anyone in Thailand, for that matter.