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Update: Tue, Jul 16 2024    

French Elections; the Importance for Europe and the Rest of The World

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Poland, France, Germany and Italy agree to jointly develop cruise missile with range of more than 500 km

Poland, France, Germany, Italy to develop long-range cruise missile

Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

France, Germany, Italy, Poland agree to jointly develop long-range cruise missiles

Gloria Hass Releases Debut Book "My Journey as a Grey Hybrid" Detailing Her Past Life

Govt-Owned Cannabis Company Exports Flower From Argentina To EU, Australia, Secures Purchase Orders Worth Millions

This fugitive American slave ended up in Australia. Now his story can be told

Ukraine's navy is harassing Russian forces with 16 new armored assault boats built by Sweden

Poland Won’t Intercept Russian Missiles Attacking Ukraine Unless NATO Agrees

France, Germany, Italy, Poland plan to co-develop new long-range missiles

Heimir Hallgrimsson's co-manager at Iceland offers insight on new Ireland boss

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Rice vows England won’t ‘sit back’ against Spain

Biden mistakenly calls Harris ‘Vice President Trump’ at presser

Biden introduces Ukraine’s Zelensky as ‘President Putin’ in front of NATO leaders in latest brutal gaffe

Fort Smith School District Advances Procurement with OpenGov

Eye Opener: President Biden to hold rare news conference to answer questions about 2024 race

Tire blows out just before American Airlines flight set to takeoff

In France, Bernard-Henri Lévy fights a lonely battle on behalf of a solitary Israel

Make Ukraine Happy Again

Biden mistakenly calls Zelenskiy 'President Putin', then Kamala Harris ‘Vice-President Trump’ – live

Ukraine war latest: Biden announces new aid package, Poland prepares Ukrainian Legion

Russian Warships, Fighter Jets Intercepted Near NATO Borders

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China Among 'Uncooperative' Countries Refusing to Take Back Migrants: GOP Letter

Taiwan Coast Guard monitors Chinese military vessels in South China Sea

The Good Life Abroad Secures Seed Funding for European Expansion in Senior Living Market

G7 ministers rap Israel for expanding settlements, withholding PA funds

Poland prepares Ukrainian Legion, 'several thousand' already registered

Canada to hit Nato spending target by 2032 - Trudeau

The Japanese Air Force Is Arming Its F-15 Fighters With Cruise Missiles—Turning Them Into Fighter-Bombers

German Jews strongly criticize foreign ministry’s anti-Israel X post

3 EU Citizens Detained at Russian Spaceport

Gareth Southgate sums up England's challenge with Spain getting early advantage from UEFA

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán to meet with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

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Don Jr to introduce Trump’s vice-president pick at Republican convention

Americans Moving to Portugal: Pearls of Portugal Facilitates Seamless Relocation Experience

Lions in a Uganda park make a perilous journey across a 1.5km stretch of water: study suggests the drive is to find mates

Jailed human rights campaigner denounces mass repression across Russia

Two-thirds of Americans believe Biden should step aside, new poll says

China reacts after Nato says it is ‘decisive enabler’ of Ukraine war

Hit-and-run puts spotlight on impunity for India’s rich and powerful

Copa America 2024: Argentina to face Colombia in Final

US presents evidence Houthis used Iran-made missile to target ship in December

Mexico’s new leader is a climate expert. Can she save an oil nation?